Sunday, August 10, 2008

Change Your Foods and Avoid Acne

Amazingly enough, a few of the so-called experts will say that foods are not relative to acne breakouts. Nothing could be further from the truth about this myth.

It's very important to understand, acne works it's way to the skin surface from the inside, out. Acne is generally caused by an over production of sebum. This is the oily sweat that is mixed with bacteria, the body is trying to eliminate. When the sebum is mixed in with dead skin cells, then this clogs some of the skin's pores. This clogged build-up, will then become infected in some of the pores. The pimples are a reaction to the infected pores. This is acne. This is why simple washing of the acne area is not enough to cure the problem.

There is some truth in that old saying, "You are, what you eat". Quite often, one of the main culprits to the cause of acne, will originate with an improper diet. Let's face it, if you are not eating healthy; your skin can't be expected to be healthy. Added to this, if you are ingesting foods that trigger more sebum production, with more bacteria to be eliminated; then, you can expect to have more pimples to fight off.

By eating more natural foods, your body will begin to act in accordance. Our bodies are designed to breakdown the complex carbohydrates and fresh foods. When we eat fast foods, junk foods, processed foods; then our body's whole processing plant gets sluggish and out of sorts.

What we eat will directly effect the quality of our skin. By eating processed foods that are high in oils, fats, refined sugars, starches and chemical additives; this is certainly not a diet that will help reduce your acne outbreaks.

Eating a steady diet of junk foods has been shown to directly correlate to the acne condition. Most nutritional experts agree that, individuals who consume more organic foods into their diets, have less acne outbreaks.

Your skin is the largest of your body's organs. It requires the right nutrients in order to function correctly. Often times vitamin supplements can make a world of difference, in fighting acne.

Acne is not treated by one simple line of treatment. It is a combination of attacking it internally and externally. When you consider that your body is eliminating a lot of waste and toxins through your sebum, your sweat; then you have a better idea about what is added to the acne condition, when you eat the wrong foods.

When fresh vegetables and fruits are not an option, take a look at some of the canned, or frozen food varieties. Everything you need to know, is in the fine print on the package labeling. Many of the bottled fruit juices in the market, contain a vast assortment of chemicals and sweeteners. Corn syrup as a sweetener, will feed your acne breakouts.

If this requires a big lifestyle change, then consider what you might have to lose. Of course you can still eat your favorite foods and snacks. If your favorite foods are junk foods, this only means you will not be eating those "Twinkies" as often as you used too. Maintaining a healthier diet will make a large impact on your acne, reducing the outbreaks considerably.

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